Who are we?

  • 1990: Creation of the Industrial Electricity Maxévilloise company, by Mr Gérald DIEUDONNE.
    The company is then specialized in industrial electricity and mobile systems maintenance. Its headquarters and offices are located in Maxeville.
  • 2004/2011 : EIM develops several models of mobile systems for lighting and CCTV. A patent is filed on the system rails.
  • 2010: EIM is taken over by his son, M Arnaud DIEUDONNE. The company becomes more involved in installation, maintenance and renovation of mobile systems.
  • 2014: EIM is renamed EIM-Services: Electricity Inspection Masts mobile systems.
    It settles into its new premises in HEILLECOURT and its share capital increases to 100 000€.
  • 2016: EIM-Services completes its rail range by updating its “80B” and “130B” versions to “80B+” and “130B+” versions in order to be more competitive and efficient on this technology.
  • 2017: EIM-Services expands its catalogue by developing its “Wheel Of Light”, its mobile system with cables. EIM-Services then positions itself on all mobile systems markets and becomes the only French multi-technology manufacturer of this field.
  • 2020 : Lancement de la branche Photovoltaïque (étude, réalisation et maintenance). Installation jusqu’à 36 kWc monophasé et triphasé.
    [Pour les particuliers, les professionnels et les collectivités]
  • 2022 : Déploiement du secteur Photovoltaïque aux installations jusqu’à 500kWc (étude, réalisation et maintenance)

Our business sectors

Étude, réalisation et maintenance:

Champs d’action Grand-EST

  • Étude de projet d’installation photovoltaïques pour les particuliers, les entreprises, les artisans et les collectivités.
  • Installation en monophasé ou en triphasé jusqu’à 500kWc avec ou sans stockage.
  • Maintenance :
    – Proposition de vérification annuel électrique
    – Proposition de nettoyage des panneaux par système d’eau purifié par du personnel qualifié et formé

Ce secteur a pour but de proposer des solution économique et écologique en proposant des solutions photovoltaïques adapté à chaque profils et situations.
Il existe des aides/primes en fonction des solutions proposées.

Design, installation and maintenance of industrial electrical circuits:

  • Design, installation and maintenance of industrial electrical facilities
  • Installation of CCTV or alarm systems and maintenance of companies or municipalities electrical facilities

Business manager: Arnaud DIEUDONNE

Public Lighting Sector (PL)
The purpose of this sector is to offer communities a modification of their lighting systems in order to save energy and to make their equipment comply with the current standards.

  • Change the lanterns in place,
  • Installation of a voltage regulation system…

Business manager: Thibaut DIEUDONNE

Safety control and mechanical maintenance of mobile systems.

  • Safety control and mechanical maintenance of mobile systems
  • National, European action fields and seeking to develop internationally.

There is legislative support for the need to control mobile systems.
Our teams are composed of technicians specialized in work at height, the design and manufacture of mobile systems. They have followed all the training courses to ensure compliance with the current standards of this discipline. They are able to carry out mechanical maintenance and apply corrective and curative actions in the event of failure.
Our customers can rely on our technical expertise and skills for their mobile systems, for the durability of their installations.

Business manager: Arnaud DIEUDONNE and Vincent COLMON

Design and achievement of mobile systems:

  • Design and achievement of specific custom-made products in order to make mobile all types of equipment installed at high heights.
  • International fields of action: Benin, Spain, France, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Morocco, Martinique, Reunion Island, Qatar…

After identifying customer needs, on technical and climatic constraints, most often reported on specifications. EIM-Services is able to offer adapted solutions.
To do this, Vincent COLMON, business manager and drafter, adapts our various models of mobile systems (rails and cables) and ensures its production follow-up, from the drawing to the installation on site. The masts are achieved by partners such as VALMONT, EUROPOLES…
Our teams receive on site, and install all the elements.

Business manager: Arnaud DIEUDONNE and Vincent COLMON.